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Why invest in Cyprus?

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be in an unspoilt paradise in the middle of three different continents?

Cyprus is the crossroad between Europe, Asia, and Africa, something that makes this island the ideal residential and corporate relocation.

Sun, sea, and fresh air are some of the most compelling reasons to consider this island; however, Cyprus is more than just a glorious weather.

Here’s why the number of investors is increasing rapidly:

Low corporate tax rate

Cyprus tax system is the most attractive in Europe, while it adheres to OECD and to international regulations. Precisely, the corporate tax rate is 12.5% whereas it offers a variety of tax exemptions such as:

-tax exemption from disposals of shares and corporate bond;

-tax exemption from foreign sourced dividend;

-non-taxable income of €19,500 per annum;

-if earning more than €60,000 you need to pay a tax of just 35%

Cyprus is a member of the European Union

The acquisition of a Cypriot passport guarantees not just a permanent residency in Cyprus but a visa-free movement within 26 European countries. This means that you and your family can work (do business), travel and study worry-free wherever you wish. Cyprus is also a valuable member of the single market which contributes to an efficiency improvement, offers low price reassurance while fostering entrepreneurial innovation and technological development.

Banking and professional services

In terms of the banking system, Cyprus satisfies a variety of needs concerning both individuals and companies. Some of the services include, private banking, investment banking, custodial services, and asset management.

In Cyprus you can also find numerous of high-skilled and certified accountants who can communicate fluently in English, Russian. Management consultancy, and financial advisory services are also being offered at reasonable prices.

Legal System

The Cyprus legal system is one of the most reliable, efficient, and business-friendly worldwide. The Legal system is enormously influenced by the British one, something that ensures that your investment will receive robust and comprehensive regulatory, and legal support, which insures transparency and integrity.

Life quality

Weather is a significant factor to consider when relocating; however, safety plays an equally important role.

Cyprus is one of the European countries with the lowest crime rates, while it has been ranked as the fifth on a worldwide basis. Therefore, we can reassure you that you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and the sunny days worry-free.

Permanent citizenship by investment –Enhance your life quality

What is permanent residency by investment?

Residency by investment is a process that is often followed by foreign nationals and their qualifying dependants to acquire permanent residency status.

Cyprus Permanent residency program (PR)

In order to obtain a permanent residency status in Cyprus the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

Purchase a property (a house or an apartment) of at least €300.000 inc. VAT (VAT is 5% for the first property bought for individual use and 19% for the consecutive properties).

To legally acquire the property, the investor must register it with the Land Registry and make a payment of €200.000 (incl. VAT). The deposit needs to be transferred from abroad and to be made on the seller’s Cypriot bank account.

The investor is allowed to purchase up to two properties (house or apartment) from the same development company, and choose one of the below combinations:

  • Residential property and office (no more than 250 sq. m)
  • Residential property and shop (no more than 100 sq. m)
  • Two residential properties (house or apartment)

If the investor for any case wishes to sell the property, this must be replaced with another one of the same or higher value, following the above-mentioned conditions.

The immigration permit can be granted for the investor’s family, including children up to 18 years old, or 18-25 who have provided evidence that they are financially dependent on the investor (students or unmarried children).

Having acquired the immigration permit, the investor and/or the dependent family member can visit Cyprus once every two years.

It is important to underline that the immigration permit holders must not undertake any form of employment.

Please allow 2-3 months for the life-long immigration permit to be issued.


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